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Pop Art
Ink & Coloured Pencil

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The History of Obvious Art

The 'Art of Obvious' was founded in the late 70's, when Mr. Obvious discovered "beautiful art" on a used napkin, while bussing tables at a local eatery. The art consisted of no more than catsup and mustard smeers, or the occassional barbque sauce and lipstick wiped on a napkin during the dining process. Mr. Obvious immediately saw the importance of this art, dedicated his life to it's pursual and strove towards it's acceptance in the art world.

On August 12th 1982, Mr. Obvious welcomed guests to the opening night of his "Obvious Art Installation". The turn-out was far better than expected, (mostly due to creative advertising on the part of the caterers), but the public reaction to the art was less than enthusiastic. None of the guests took the art seriously, and many patrons mocked the exhibit openly. It took less than three minutes for the gallery to clear after the caterers ran out of food. The night was a virtual disaster until Mr. Obvious joyously removed mounds of new art from the waste cans by the food tables.

In the years to follow, Mr. Obvious devoloped his art. Bringing into play such mediums as ink and paint, but being careful to preserve the original art. The examples to follow are representative of the many styles and mediums used by Mr. Obvious over the years.
Ink & Coloured Pencil

Ink & Coloured Pencil

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