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Friends of the Obvious:

Meet the Hornbecks on their Family Web site.
Let obvious productions design your first-time web presence.

Find some good music at Doug Plencner's "Requiem DG Records".
Mark Wieger will BECamate your web site at BECamation.
Dr. Gregory W. Clark is Associate Professor of Physics
at Manchester College, (but we still call him Greggy).
For fine custom label cigars, visit Tom Haab at Haab's Premium Cigar Shop.
Learn to play classical guitar with Steve Miller at the Miller Guitar Academy.

Fred Shaul's Fredness Page is full of it... (Fredness that is ;^)
Sail the Mariposa with John Shaul at Shaul Sails.
and Mr. Loring's Bill Daddy Page.

Obvious Music Links:

Check out the amazing music from a band called Elbow.
Roger. Wilco. Over and out. OK, good buddy?
Vote for the Electric President. (Much better than the acoustic one, I'm sure).
Check out the many awesome bands in the Elephant Six collective.
Get W.A.S.T.E.D.
See Negativland's home. It's positively enjoyable,
Brian Eno's Page,
and surf Chalkhills: the XTC Resource.
An excellent Nurse with Wound resource is
Sleepbot's Ambience for the Masses.
AMP up with the Alternate Music Press
Buckle your seat belt and listen to some Crash Test Dummies.
Feed your ears on the scrumptious sounds found at the Interstellar Cafe.

Don't get WOMAD, let Peter Gabriel help you to escape the Real World.
Define the loopy at the Loopers Delight.
Ten fingers and one organ: Walter Wanderly.
Check out these links to Legendary Pink Dots and beyond.

What day would be complete without a visit to these Mellotron sites?
Everyone likes Steely Dan
, don't they?
See Gene and Dean at the official Ween site.
Get into David Sylvian and Japan.
March with the unknown soldier with Roy Harper.
Warm up with Combustible Edison.
Laibach: "People die because of their music".
Relax on the Sofa Sound with Peter Hammill.
Ever heard of A Man Called E? How 'bout The Eels? Check them out!
For Music the way it was meant to be... go to Made To Measure.
Keep up to date with David Byrne & the Talking Heads.
Enjoy the iconoclastic world of Harry Partch and his instruments.
Let Danny Elfman & Oingo Boingo express their gratitude.
Some of the more creative sites on the net are dedicated to Björk.
Browse Space Age Pop Music, (A Listeners Guide).

For Art & Music in one stop, go to Bill Nelson's Megastore.
Visit the many sites of Robert Fripp & King Crimson.
Let Adrian Belew show you the "20 years of the Rhino."
Maximize your minimalism experience with Philip Glass.
Get Spaced Out at the official Enoch Light web page.
Have a nightcap with Jethro Tull and the cup of wonder.

Roam the Home of the Brave with Laurie Anderson on the web.
Help others find a better life through music. Join the Droplift Project.
Joe Jackson's own site is open Night and Day.
Move to the perfect world of Holger Czukay.
Experience the poetic vision of Peter Sinfield.
You can get Laid at the official James web page.
Kate Bush, Kate Bush, Kate Bush, Kate Bush, & Kate Bush.
Can you find the Surrealism in Music? Are you trying?
If not, try one of these pages honoring The Residents.
Shuffle off to This Mortal Coil.
See one of the few Theramin pages that still works, here.
Some of the many sites dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen
Looking for classic vinyl? Try World Wide Wax.

Obvious Art Links:

The Artchive
Art in Context
Wassily Kandinsky
Joan Miró
Marcel Duchamp
Russell Mills
Salvador Dali
Hieronymous Bosch
Frank Lloyd Wright
Piet Mondrian
Isamu Noguchi
Steve Dehlinger
Odd Nerdrum
Art on the Net
Bentley Gallery
Mattress Factory
Guggenheim Museum
Museum of Modern Art
Carnegie Museum of Art
Galleria d'Arte Moderna
Survival Research Laboratories
Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

Obvious Authurs:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Charles Bukowski
Harry Willson
Tom Bodett
Spalding Gray
Robert Jordan
Stephen R. Donaldson
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
David & Leigh Eddings
Terry Goodkind
Raymond E. Feist
Douglas Adams
Robert Doherty
Victor O'Reilly
Chirstopher Moore
Carl Hiaasen

Obvious News Sources:

Slashdot: News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
News the way it should be at The Onion.
WorldNetDaily: The Internet Free-Press
Do your part to help spread Disinformation.
How 'bout a wild & crazy Suck
Plastic has news recycled in real-time.
Leaf through David Talbot's excellent online magazine.. Salon
Need your news with out the typical slant? Visit Rush Limbaugh.
Open-ended & open-minded: Everything2 is waiting for you!

Obvious Entertainment:

Save money and bid on tee times at your favorite midwest golf courses at GolfUS.
For those who remember it... here's the Beyond Our Control site!
Visit Monty Python online and for all of your pet needs.
The Michael Palin appreciation page is truly deserved.
Tread lightly on Terry Gilliam's uncompromising web presence.
See how Graham Chapman's legacy lives on.
Let Joel & Ethan Coen take you to the strange places.
Get your yuks at these Three Stooges sites.
Un-button the Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart online.
Drink in some fine Vodka sites... Grey Goose, Ketel One, Zodiac, & iVodka.
Looking for some Cuban cigars? Get them at Castro's Cuban Cigar Store.
Or try one of the many great aromatic smokes from Acid cigars.
Experience the Watchmen: important fiction in comic book format.
View the phase of the Moon for any date at Virtual Moon.
Visit one of the many Doctor Who sites on the net,
including the brand new BBC series site here.
Then join Captain Jack in the edgier Dr.Who spin-off: Torchwood.
Watch Danny's brother Richard Elfman enter the Forbidden Zone.
Visit everybody's Hero: William Shatner.
Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, and more Beer;
I really, really, really mean it... BEER!
Tell your troubles to Webtender: The online bartender,
Search the Internet Movie Database.
Search the almost complete CD database at CDDB.

Obvious Magic:

Get your mojo going at Mike Powers' Mall of Magic.
Abbott's Magic Company: from the Magic Capitol of the World.
MAGIC: The independent magazine for magicians.
Browse the online journal of the art of magic: Visions.
Need some cards? Haines' House of Cards has what you need.
Ponder the close-up philosophy of Eugene Burger.
Peruse Jon Racherbaumer's foray into cyber-sharing.
Visit Penn & Teller's Home Page.
Hey! He's Mac King! Check him out!

Obvious Oddballs:

Visit the Gallery of Obscure Patents.
Jeff Rense and Art Bell. (Funny or funny? ...you decide)!
Be ordained by the Universal Life Church. For FREE!
Someone wasted a lot of time on the Museum of Unnatural History.
Feel better about yourself... visit the Kook of the Month page.
Visit the Enterprise Mission with Richard Hoagland.
Good lord... the Weekly World News is on the Web!
The folks at UglyPeople are looking for my picture!
A visit to The Obscure Organization may cause you to think.
Strange & Unusual Dictionaries are your resources for bar bets, and other trivial pursuits.

First came the Dark Side of the Rainbow... now we have Willy Wonka 2112!
"Invisible Pink Unicorns Exist! ...a cat named Cloe told me".
Search for dead people on the Dead People Server.
Now here is an odd way to releave some frustration.
Are you on the Road To Nowhere?

Strange But True... Odd facts and useless information.
Don't be afraid of the Phobia List.
Atomic Tourism will show you the blast sites.
Start building liver disease with This Old Souse.
Please, whatever you do... don't go here!

Obvious Shopping:

Learn about great deals at TechBargains
Find hardware and more at rock-bottom prices at NewEgg.
Browse the Freebie Directory and Save, Save, Save!
Half.com... Not so cutting edge stuff, real cheap.
The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum has what you need, baby.

For the Obvious Kid in you:

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Site
John Acorn: The Nature Nut

Obvious Search:

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