Obvious Noise

2008 Ron Obvious (ron@obviousproductions.com)
Euphomoniously smooth and sweet.

Amplified Man
Lithographic Ink
(from the collection of Sal & Cindy Vasta)

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About Obvious Noise

The "O./nois" Studio

"O./nois" Studio was created in the mid 1980's as a tool to create sound bytes and 'tape scandals' for use during live performances of a local alternative band. With professional sound reinforcement by Mr. Obvious, the band soon shot right to the top. With a jam-packed schedule at such prestigious venues as... East Park Nursing and Convelescence Arena, Westview Jr. High School, and the crowning glory, playing back-up to the mechanical bears at Chuck-E-Cheeze's. The boys were indeed on the fast track to success! So it was decided in the spring of 1987 that the band should break-up forever.

The break-up left Mr. Obvious free to pursue his true passion: Flash-Paper Origami. The tragic end to this endeavor was forseen by all but one.

In shock and with blistered fingers, Mr. Obvious began anew in the "O./Nois" Studio. Working alone and with only the rudest of recording equipment, he began constructing electronic "compositions" built around common noises and found sounds. Early "instruments" included Pringles cans, stair steps, and a vacuum cleaner. Later 'construction' consisted of manipulated tape noise and radio static in conjunction with accepted instruments like trumpet, viola, and piano. And with the collaboration of several friends and associates the "music" became almost bearable to listen to. Electronic instruments also helped to create a listenable sound. The Arp Odyssey, Moog Opus 3, Kawai K-5, and Ensoniq EPS became primary sound sources.

The compositions of today are created using the same means as before, and therefore haven't improved much. Fortunately with the acquisition of the Atari ST and subsequently a more up-to-date PC, productions are no longer dragged down by his inept skills of performance.

For those with strong stomachs or bad ears, here are a few lower quality (stereo) pieces from "O./Nois" productions.

Obvious Noise

The above files are in MP3 format. I suggest WinAMP for playback.

Please contact (ron@obviousproductions.com) with comments or suggestions.